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   Roseville Electric Utility understands that air conditioning efficiency is especially important in our warm climate.  We offer rebates of up to $1,000 for replacing your old inefficient HVAC system, and $100 for upgrading to an  ENERGY STAR® web-enabled smart thermostat. 

   Improving your heating and cooling systems and using a “smart” thermostat go hand in hand. Let Roseville Electric Utility help you start taking control of your energy usage today!

$125 JOINT SOCAL GAS AND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON REBATE: Residential customers who buy or already have an eligible thermostat can earn $125 from the two utilities, plus the potential to earn $60 in bill credits each year,  for signing up for the Save Power Days program.

THERMOSTAT REBATE: SoCalGas offers a $50 rebate for customers who purchase eligible thermostats

SEASONAL SAVINGS PROGRAM: SoCalGas is offering a residential program this winter to help customers conserve natural gas and save on their heating bills. Customers opt into the program through their Nest thermostat, which then subtly fine tunes their heating use. Last year customers on the program saved 8 percent on their heating bill.

California Renewable Energy Program are not licensed contractors, we work with hand pick licensed contractors in your area who can perform the task to the highest quality. 

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